The Purpose of Websites

Website Name: Youtube
Why Visit It: To watch videos, either for knowlege or for entertainment. To keep updated on the world
Why Was It Made: So people could share viral videos with whoever they want via the interwebs.

Website Name: Ebay
Why Visit it: To buy stuff online, to get things cheaper, to bid and to auction and sell, to learn the value of certain items.
Why Was It Made: To sell goods and services online.

Website Name: Wikipedia
Why Visit It: To gain knowlege on a certain subject, object, event, person, or just about anything.
Why Was It Made: For a free online encycopedia accessable to all.

Purpose for Julia: To become a better cook, to learn new recipies and advice from her viewers, and to share her experience with others.

Purpose for Audience: To help Julia with her cooking, and also to learn from Julia about cooking

Submarine Cables

A power supply can be represented by a binary state becuase it can be turned on and off.   A byte of data can be rerpresnted by a binary state because it can be activated "on" and deactivated "off".   Voting on a house bill represented by a binary state because there is more than two options, there is yes "on" and no "off" and there is abstain. A trend can not represented by a binary statebecause it is ever changing and is never really on or off.

 What is the typical lifespan for a submarine cable?

a. 25 years 
b. 10 years
c. 50 years
d. 100 years

About how much international traffic is carried via sattelite in the US?
a. 11.3%
b. 5.6%
c. .37%
d. 1%

Undersea Cables are far lesss expensive than sttelites

Mickey Mouse Trinket

Credit Terms

Annual Fee: A fee that is charged once a year to your credit card account for the benefits provided by that credit card, the price of the fee depends on the credit card

APR: The annual interest you are charged for taking out a loan until the loan is entirely paid off.

Credit Line: The amount of money that can be charged to a credit card account. The amount is based on how much money you borrow.

Cash Back/Reward: Incentive made by credit card companies to encourage people to spend more on their credit cards in order to get a percentage of that money back.

Credit Balance: The amount of money owed to you from the credit card companies because of earned rewards, or mistakes made by the company.

Minimum Payment: A fixed amount owed to credit card companies to push debt off to a later time.

3 Articles

Article One Free apps profit by selling user data to companies. Publishers like accuweather stay above water by selling our anonymized and triangulated data to replace revenue lost to ads. It turns out that disallowing an app to track your information while outside that app doesn't do much at all.
Article two Anyone can track someones location and see what apps and websites they use for around $1000. In doing so someone can learn the interests, dating habits, religious affiliations, health conditions, political leanings and other potentially sensitive or private information of specific people for any purpose whatsoever. In order for someone to be able to track a specific person's movement they need the targets mobile advertising ID (MAID). A person’s MAID is sent to multiple parties whenever someone clicks on a mobile ad. The MAID can also be obtained if someone accesses an unsecure wifi network in which the target is using. Customers of advertising services can purchase several …


open the dinning cabinet and select a small plateplace the plate on the countergrab a loaf of breaduntie the bag of breadtake two pieces of bread from the loafput the pieces of bread side by side on the plateopen the fridge and grab the mayonaiseclose the fridgeplace the mayo on the counteropen the utensil drawer and grab a butter knifeshut the untencil drawerhold the knife in one handopen the lid on the mayonaiseplace the lid on the countermove the knife through the mayonaise so you collect a good amountgently spread the mayonaise with the knife of one side of both the pieces of breadput the knife downopen the seasoning cabinet and grab a pepper shakershake a moderate amount of pepper onto one side of both pieces of breadput the pepper shaker downopen the fridge and take out a bag of sliced buffolo chickenclose the fridgetake two pieces of buffolo chicken and place the bag on the counterput the two pieces of buffolo chicken on one piece of breadopen the fridge and take out a bag of s…